In 2008, I have scored an Australian indie movie directed by Jeff Bays: "OFFING DAVID". Although I had some rudimentary gear to work with, I guess it was enough to make a good job and keep the public happy and entertained.

Overall, it had some good critics like this ones:

Forris Day JR on SCARED STIFF REVIEWS: "I also want to note that the music by Joao Camacho was impressive and really added an air of mistery and suspense throughout the film. I wasn't expecting that in a low budget film." You can read the entire review here;

Simon Storey on FILM BLERG: "The score by Portuguese composer João Camacho is fairly good and most important of all it doesn't outstay its welcome..." You can read the entire review here;

DanJohn23 on IMDB: "The first thing I noticed when I started to watch was the fantastic score from Joao Camacho, which provided a fitting backdrop to the film throughout." You can read the entire review here;

What can I say? It was a fun experience and hope to have the opportunity to score a movie again, one of this days.